Education Forum

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for RCI educational programs, offerings, etc., please post here. 


5 Responses to “Education Forum”

  1. tomgernetzke Says:

    The new exterior walls course has been offered for a little while now and appears to be quite popular with members and non-members alike. The green roofing course is substantially completed and should be offered soon. These new courses represent a significant investment by RCI in educational offerings. My biggest question: What other topics should be developed?

  2. tomgernetzke Says:

    Is anybody interested in a Road to RRC / RWC / RRO prep course?

  3. Steven Drennan Says:

    I think that would be a great help to those of us trying to obtain our certification!

  4. tomgernetzke Says:

    Thanks, Steve. If there is enough interest, I think a few chapters may be inetrested in developing a prep course.

  5. Luke Anderson Says:

    I think a Road to RRO/RRC/RWC would be a great idea. I think offering them close to testing time would greatly benefit those taking the test.

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